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CULT OF LUNA: posta vídeo de "The Sweep" e "Light Chaser" do novo DVD "Years In A Day"

O CULT OF LUNA divulgou o vídeo das canções 'The Sweep' e 'Light Chaser' de seu novo DVD ao vivo 'Years In A Day' que sai dia 21 de abril. Assista logo abaixo.

DVD: Live at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris
01. The Sweep
02. Light Chaser
03. Owlwood
04. Echoes
05. I: The Weapon
06. Waiting For You
07. Marching To The Heartbeats
08. Finland
09. Back To Chapel Town
10. And With Her Came The Birds
11. Thirtyfour
12. Dim
13. Dark City Dead Man

CD: Live At Roatburn 2013
01. The One
02. I: The Weapon
03. Ghost Trail
04. Finland
05. Vicarious Redemption
06. Owlwood
07. In Awe Of

CD: “Somewhere Along The Highway” Live At Roadburn 2016
01. Marching To The Heartbeats
02. Finland
03. Back To Chapel Town
04. And With Her Came The Birds
05. Thirtyfour
06. Dim
07. Dark City Dead Man

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